It is time for us to give back to the OSS community after it gave us so much!

We’ve been using open source software and open “knowledge” for more than 25 years. My first use af OSS software was POV-Ray, as a 12 year old kid downloading1 it over a 1200 bps modem (the french Minitel).

Time passed, we were forced into Linux at EPITA, I started developping PHP and MySQL based websites as a part-time job. Then moved to Rails in 2006 and transitionned to a full time job. I was hooked into OSS and never stopped loving it since.

It is time for us to contribute to the global effort.

Enjoy our company blog!

  1. I think it cost about 20 € in telephone bill for the hour it took to download a 500 Kbyte zip file. Many hours of rendering on a 486 SX 25 later, I was very, very happy. Thanks mum & dad for letting me jump into OSS!